inCompany Consulting

To transform your organisation from a hierarchical structure to a flexible structure it is important to know that you really need some help. From nature people are programmed to do the things they feel comfortable with, the things they already know. To ensure you won’t go back to the things you are doing now, you need someone to help you focus on your targets.

We did this several times with succes with other companies. By being on the work floor on regular basis, we keep in control over your transformation. We will show you a mirror when needed and advice you to ensure you won’t fall back to your old habits.

For whom is inCompany Consulting?

inCompany Consulting is meant for organisations who want to work and grow in a flexible way. Organisations that will set their employers in front and get higher productivity and customer satisfaction in that way.

What does inCompany Consulting do for you?

Get more result by working in an Agile way. Do more work with your current employees. In this way you can grow your business without to hire new employees.

Your employees will feel more concerned with your company. This way productivity will grow and customers get their results faster. This will automatically help to grow your customer satisfaction!

You will receive advise, accompaniment and tools that will help you to transform to an flexible Agile organisation.

Practical infomation

We don’t like overwhelming long contracts. Of course it will take some time for your organisation to experience the benefits of Agile. Thats why we will work together for undetermined time. We we start to work together, we first start with a contract for 3 months, after that you can terminate collaboration on a monthly base. That way you are not bound for a long time with us!

Our experience: When our collaboration is started and you feel the benefits of our work, you will not terminate the contract soon!

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